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Based in San Jose, the attorneys at the Law Offices of Berge & Berge have served clients around California for over 25 years. We provide our clients with comprehensive estate planning services, from writing wills and creating trusts to setting up conservatorships and guardianships to guiding you through probate and estate management.

At Berge & Berge, we combine experience with education. Our attorneys prioritize knowledge and have received certifications as Certified Public Accountants and degrees in tax law. As such, our expert San Jose estate planning lawyers are prepared to assist you with any concerns you may have about your assets or family in the future. Learn more about how we can help you by scheduling your consultation with our firm today.

About The Expert Estate Planning Attorneys At Berge & Berge

We provide both foresight and sensitivity to your needs as you deal with older parents or are just starting out. We plan with flexibility – using a combination of accounting and the law, we can help you prepare for changes in your health, family and financial situation, as well as changes in the law.

To fully assist you with your estate planning services, managing partner Jim Berge (pronounced burr-ghee) has over 25 years of experience as an attorney, a master’s degree in tax law and is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in California.

Through his years in estate planning practice, tax return preparation and his own personal family journey, Jim has gained tremendous insight into the emotional and financial situation with which you come to his San Jose law office. He goes beyond the theoretical to real-world experience to ensure your wishes are clear and any potential conflict is avoided.

Jim believes in being actively involved with his clients and his son, an aerospace engineer and his daughter, who is interested in cognitive science. He has served his community as a Cub Scouts leader, a mentor for a high school robotics team and a trustee serving on the board of trustees at his church.

Associate attorney Ryan Stillwell is an engaged listener who is patient and approachable. He can assist you with drafting a simple will or developing a complex trust. You have questions; Ryan has answers. He will break down the technical aspects of estate planning to make the process more understandable.

Ryan brings an energetic, fresh perspective to planning. He works to ensure that each client gets the peace of mind they seek and the assurance that their affairs are in order. Ryan strives to provide the best possible outcome for every client and their loved ones and will guide you through wealth preservation and simplifying matters for your successors. He can also help you understand personal, legal, tax and financial decisions in estate planning.

Ryan is an avid runner, reader, sports fan and traveler and has been married since 2019.

Learn More About Our Attorneys Below:

James E. Berge

Attorney, Managing Partner

Ryan Stillwell

Associate Attorney

Jenny R. Kumar

Associate Attorney

If you are looking for personal, certified, ongoing attention during your estate planning, probate, conservatorship or guardianship issue, we can help. Call 669-244-3546 or email us to find out what our San Jose estate planning law firm can do for you, your family and your future.